"Stay strong, stay positive and focus on the perfect outcome"
Jacob Hagen-Johnson

For 7-year-old Xavier Garrett, living with brain cancer is all he knows. His story started before he could even talk - at 8-months-old when he was diagnosed with a malignant, incurable brain tumour. Surgeons were unable to remove all of the tumour, which had wrapped around his brainstem - the control centre of your entire central nervous system. He endured two rounds of chemotherapy followed by 33 days of whole brain radiation.

Xavier fought hard through every infection, every side effect and set back. For almost five years his tumour remained stable. Then last year a routine scan showed it had grown. Surgeons were again unable to get all of the new growth, but did the best they could without harming him. However, he suffered meningitis and battled excruciating pain for a month in hospital.

Then, last month, Xavier started showing some concerning symptoms. His balance (which had never been great) was worse. He could barely walk without falling, and he was choking every time he drank - all signs the tumour had grown. An emergency MRI revealed the original mass had doubled in size and was putting pressure on his brainstem and surrounding areas.

This time surgery was unsuccessful. He suffered a mini-stroke on the operating table and has been given copious amounts of steroids to manage his symptoms. Our options to treat this cancer have run out. His little body can't take any more chemo (which is largely ineffective) or radiation.

But there is HOPE! Doctors are conflicted on whether the mass is cancer or a side effect of radiation treatment. Although just as fatal, we do have treatment options available to us. His last scan showed no further growth of what doctors had initially described as a highly aggressive cancer. We are HOPEFUL his fight will continue and someday soon he will walk again with his peers.


Fundraising Dance for Xavier

Friday, November 4th 2016
8:00pm - 1:00am
CAW Hall

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