Our Thanks ...

Many people have come forward with an overwhelming support for the family through donating their time, meals, money and so much more. Your generosity is much appreciated and it warms our heart to see the love and support for Jacob and the family.

A great big thank you to:

Dr. Jeff Nichols
Bob and Keri Axon
Staff & students of Northdale school
Devin Jones
Shawn McMahon
Patti Wettlaufer
Todd Poetter
Lee Poetter
Keith Eppenberger
Dan and Shannon McNamara
TJ McNamara and Tracy VanMeer
Rob & Tonya and the parents of Elite Dance
Steve and Nelia Hunt, Brandon and Nathan Freeland
Nancy Chambers and everyone involved in the Food Tidings Program
Colleen Greer
Dance-a-thon participants, parents and staff of Good Beginnings
Holly Wagler
Andrea Stafford family and friends
Norman Kerr
The Giroux family
The Rowell-Dopf family
The Kerr-Bragg family
The Johnson family
The Hagen family
The Hagen-Brunger family
Jim and Leslie Downing
Danielle and Jake
Neighbours of Fairview Cres.
Volunteers of Woodstock Day Blue Jays Parking Crew
The managers of Anne Hathaway Residence
Carri Rolleman
Liz and Art Jones
The activation/hairdressing department of Woodingford Lodge
The Butson-Steele family
Jacob's Story Committee:
Bob & Keri Axon
Jeff Malcom
Dave Sage
Ryan Bragg & Lisa Kerr
Jenny Harmer
Adam Hagen & Sarah Brunger
Eric Dopf & Christine Rowell
Elke Giroux
Nelia Hunt
Roy Vardy & Ilene Buchanan
Richard Holmes
Rob Hagen
Kelly Walker
Nancy Chambers

Brouwer Family
Kim Corbin
Dr. Dronyk
Norman Kerr
Karen Berry
Jen Cornell
Tom and Pat Baird
Bob and Bev Birch
Cino Commisso
Danielle and Jake
Jan Copeland
Jeremy and Christy Cook
Dawn and John Rowell
Kristen Koopman
Cheyrl Mader and family
Benny Fushino
Declan and Scott Salman
Chloe and Kobe Koekebakker
Bonnie and Jim Fox
Sheila and Mike Robinson
Joan Simpson
Suzette and David Moore
Jane and Dave Barker
Ellen McReynolds
Doug and Jean Shippey
Brian and Sydney Crockett
Ian and Peggy McAskile
Marg and Bill Hamilton
Mary Bell
Linda Moore
Elizabeth Jones
Bruce and Janet Arnold
The Gosnell family
Tammy VanMeekren
John and Betty Poole
John Buckton and family
Jeanie Thompson
Allen Harmer
Mike Bell and Kim Moir
Cathy Andrews
Jean Davies
John Taylor
Ron and Dianne Longworth
The Wilkins family
The Carne family
Cathie and Staci Lattimer
Donna Griffen and Mike Andic
June Higham
Marion Everet
Janice Hlembizky
Staff at Good Beginnings ( all locations)
Roma, Mary and Lia
Stacey and Shawn Belbin
Mr. and Mrs. Belbin
Mike and Kelly Bragg
Janet Bragg
Jake and Luke Hawkeswood
Staff at Elgie bus lines
Tom and Mary Downing
Sloan Samon
Carol Yu
Dave Sage
Emma Davis
Nathan Freeland
The Davis Family
John Taylor
The Guest Attendants, Cooks and students of Anne Hathaway Residence
Melanie and Matt Molnar
The Parkes families
Matt Duncan

All Volunteers that helped with the Dance

Tanya Butson-Steele
Maria Guest
Laura Cunningham
Paulette Robertson
Dave Wilcox
Christi Osinga
Shirley Clifford
Heather MacIntosh
Ken and Dayna Craven
Jan Cressman-Weiss
Dave Hewitt
Rick Carne
Pat Lefler
Shelley Malcolm
Jason Lessif
April Jones
Mike Weir and Rick Young
Darla McRae
Kelly McKay
Andre Talbot
Kim Quigley
Paul Oehring Acushnet
Bob and Tracy Copeland
Brennen Beattie
Michael Hook
Brad Kovachik
Donna Lefler
Kerry Hunter
Pat Maclaurin
Tom Janssen and Jeannie Wilford
Bill Knott and Rene "Rocket" Richard
Terry and Barb Crawford
Chris Crawford
Leslie Farrell, Tim Hortons
Glenn Smith, Footjoy
Chad Harmer

The community for their generous donations of articles for the sale
Everyone who baked goodies for the bake sale table
Management, Staff and Residents of Oxford Gardens

Leanne and Brandy Deadman
Bill & Tony Van Haeren
Todd’s Dogs
Second Hand Light
Tim Hortons
Oliver’s Gardens
Brad Janssen
Hunt Homes
Phyllis Ferguson
James Johnson
Erna and Arn Johnson
Leah, Logan and Abby Barnes
Kerry Hunter
Janice Williams
Michelle Murphy
Alison Atkinson from Cotton Candy
Ed Greenfield and LYFT Visual
Kristina & Brian from K&B Creative Photography
Hannah and Abby Boss
Janis Humeston

Woodstock Curling Club
Good Beginnings Daycare
Participants in the Canada Post Lunch BBQ on April 9, 2010
*Steve Gilbert, Candy Witcomb, Doris Lodin
ATC Consulting Web and Print Design

Century 21 Heritage House Ltd.
Sarah Brunger photography
Wescast Stratford Team
Lely Canada
Royal Bank Springbank
Charles Dickens
St. Patrick’s School
D.M Sutherland School
Ecole St-Marguerite Bourgeoys
East Side Marios
Craigowan Oxford Golf and Country Club
CAW Hall – Bartenders Oxford Auditorium
Boston Pizza
Pita Villa
Tim Hortons
Water Depot
Powerhouse Productions
Woodstock Print and Litho
Crabby Joes
Jamieson Hilts Insurance
Mike Christiaens,U-Fill Water Center
3-Thirty Event Artistry & Wedding Solutions
Serenity Yoga
Sierra Construction
Golf Canada
Hills Canada
Tavistock Veterinarians
Dorchester Veterinary Hospital
Martha Hofstetter –Little Gallery, Bright
Melissa Breakwell , WaySpa
Dale Flynn, Elmhurst Inn
Martin Neil, Ping Canada
Mary Jakeman, Jakeman’s
Tena Seguin, Global Pet Foods
Dava Oliviera, Vida Hot Yoga
Renewal Day Spa
Spin Master
Jon Macklin, Stereo Man
Carrie Rolleman, Solas Reflexology
Mitch Say, Taylor Made Adidas Canada
Cory Broadhurst, Stokes
Adam Hagen, Craigowan Oxford Golf and Country Club
Richard Burwash, Craigowan Oxford Golf & Country Club
Rob Mason, Craigowan Oxford Golf & Country Club
Mike Sherman, Rosedale Golf Club
Christine Kufske, Click Photography
Wayne Boddy, Robert Q
Rick Young, Golf Canada
East Dell Winery
Jason Rodak, Rodak’s Acoustic Boutique
Mike Sherman, Rosedale Golf Club
Oxford St. Clothing
Woodstock Community Police
Riverbend Golf and Country Club
On Your Toes Performing Arts Centre
Katie Shippey, Blackberry
Ray Parkes, Sysco
Tan Unlimited
Gardenia Spa
Dave Lee, Stratford Golf and Country Club
The Bridges, Tillsonburg
Vink Family, Woodstock Meadows
Mike Cohon, CFL Commissioner
Louies Restaurant
Tara Paradoski, Serenity Massage
Allen Lumber
KC Auto Spa
Dan Campbell, St. Thomas Golf and Country Club
Maple Leaf Foods
Quality Hotel and Suites
Eaton and Thompson
Paul Sguinga, Molsons
Good Life Fitness
Thyme Out
Pamela Marissink, RMT
Party Central
Chris Martin, Symons, Wearn & Smith LLP.

Darren Brimson, Riverbend

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